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(For Malaysian entities only)

For submission of ebooks to eSentral, the ebooks are required to have e-ISBN number. E-ISBN numbers are unique and different from the ISBN number for a printed book. For Malaysia in particular, the body that administers ISBN is the National Centre for ISBN, under the National Library of Malaysia. The supporting documents required for application of e-ISBN are as follows:

  1. copy of the ebook's title page
  2. Copy of the ebook's copyright page
  3. URL or permalink of eSentral ( where the ebook will be sold

e-ISBN application form : 20ISBN.pdf (please indicate "ebook @ ebook" in the Title section of the application form)

For a new publisher, and independent writers who want to publish ebooks, you must first register with the National Center for ISBN, Library of Malaysia.

New registration form to request e-ISBN:[PENERBIT%20BARU].pdf

All forms required to be faxed to +603-2681167

For further information, you can contact the National Center ISBN at 03-26874288 or 03-26814329 or email

Once published, your ebook should be submitted within a month to:

Pusat Penyerahan Terbitan Negara
Aras 2, Anjung Bestari,
Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia,
232, Jalan Tun Razak,
50572 Kuala Lumpur

Please contact eSentral for the handover process.