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eSentral - Best Solution For Your Digital Market


The world is turning digital. This phenomenon is not an exception for publishers and booksellers. Digital contents can change the way people read. eSentral offers publishers and booksellers the solution to participate immediately in the e-book industry without the need of huge upfront investments and technical expertise. eSentral focuses on South East Asia market with portal payment gateway made available currently for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

eSentral Services

eSentral can prepare your publishing house on the following:

  • Digitalization and training
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Content & Sales Management

eSentral Platform

eSentral operates on a proprietary platform. To be able to read the e-books sold on this website, one needs to have an eSentral eReader (can be downloaded from respective application store of the OS). Using the eSentral eReader, readers are able to enjoy these functions while reading:

  • Page turn: Move between pages by flipping.
  • Text size: Adjust the font size to suit your reading preference
  • Text type: Choose your favorite fonts according to your preference
  • Zoom: Zoom in and out of images (for fix lay-out only)
  • Table of Content: Selection of segments in the book
  • Bookmark: Page marking ability

Why eSentral?

DRM Management System

eSentral secures the digital contents using a proprietary DRM.

Marketing made easy

eSentral overrides on a comprehensive advertisement and promotion package which will promise your digital publication high traffic from the public of territorial market.

Compatible format

eSentral adopts a format which is compatible to most modern computing devices.

Easy monitoring and management

eSentral provides ease of sales monitoring and content management for publishers and content providers through a back end dashboard.

Sell your e-publication with us

Independent writers are able to publish directly with eSentral

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