We are giving an opportunity for publishers to compete for "Anugerah Buku Malaysia" organized by MABOPA. Please click the "Anugerah Buku Malaysia" button below for more info. - Your Best Solution for
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Publish & Sell with e-Sentral and BookCapital

e-Sentral & BookCapital is not just an eBookstore, it is a digital publishing ecosystem. By joining e-Sentral & BookCapital as a Publisher or an Author, e-Sentral Publisher Panel Dashboard allows you to enjoy facilities for upstream and downstream of the process flow to get your digital publication monetized safely in South East Asia.

In the upstream process, e-Sentral prepares for Publishers, Authors and Aggregators with EPUB editor and compiler to create your smart reflow ebook, as well as provides Digital Rights Management to hinder possibilities of copyrights infringement. Our smart encryption system for e-books is accredited by many standards authorities.

In the downstream process, e-Sentral & BookCapital over the years have created channels for Publishers, Authors and Aggregators to make sales via e-Sentral eBookstore all around South East Asia, Library Purchasing Program (via XM eLIB), corporate partnership, aggregation, and Higher Learning facilities. All this is done via a smart integration of our system which allows cross selling and listing via different licensing agreements which is focused at convenience of Publishers, Authors and Suppliers.

Anugerah Buku Malaysia

We are giving an opportunity for publishers to compete for the Anugerah Buku Malaysia. Please read the Terms & Conditions first, and then follow the steps below to submit your books for nomination.

  1. Register as an E-Sentral Publisher (if you are not a Publisher with E-Sentral yet). If you are, please proceed to Step 3.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Proceed to log-in.
  4. Go to go Anugerah Buku Malaysia -> Participate.

    (Once done, a new Status for Anugerah Buku Malaysia will appear on books submitted)
  5. Proceed to submit eBooks:
    • For Submitted books: navigate to Content Submission -> Submitted Books to submit for Anugerah Buku Malaysia.
    • For New Books: upload books as usual for e-sentral, alternatively, you may to go for Anugerah Buku Malaysia -> Submit new Books, then repeat step a.
    • Submitted books will be shown on Anugerah Buku Malaysia -> Submitted Books along with their status.

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